Professional Multimedia Composition Services

Film Scoring - Video Games - Advertisements

Hi my name is Rob Kaz, and I am providing services for Film Scoring, Video Games, Advertisements, YouTube Videos, Instagram, Podcasts, Trailers, Orchestral Part Writing, Animations and all other Multimedia Content.

I have a Bachelor of Music Composition and an Advanced Diploma of Music Performance. As well as 10 years of music composing experience.


I have done many short films and other multimedia projects, so I am very capable of scoring your project whatever it takes.

I have composed over six hours of work in the genres of Orchestral, Romance, Horror, Thriller, Ambient Soundscape, Jazz, E.D.M, Rock, Metal and Retro video game music. No genre or project will be out of my capabilities. So, for anything from Hans Zimmer or Brian Eno to john Williams, I am your man.


I will produce mix and master your project using world class virtual instruments and amazing sound shaping software, to provide a world class Hollywood standard quality product.

Don’t be afraid to get in touch and tell me about your future master piece =)


Affordable prices flexible to your projects budget.

I can operate within short deadlines.

Two revisions are included.



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All content on my channels is also available for use in your projects and licensing.



$20 US Dollars per hour of needed for project.

($20 USA equals about, $17 Euro, $28 Australian dollars)


Links to my music =)

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I am located in Australia, but my services are available worldwide.

I can also do specific music mixing and mastering jobs.

As well as voice over and remote vocal recording work.

Colby Wellard - Director by The Film Sacrament - Testimony.

"Rob brings a level of versatility and collaborative nature to his musicianship that produced pieces that exceeded anything I could have imagined. His willingness to take ideas and morph them into music that is both thematically and atmospherically aligned with the film proved he was the perfect man to score and I couldn’t have asked for anything better".
Colby Wellard